Hello, I'm Gio.

I am a Software Engineer on the Core development team at Datto. I love solving big problems!



Software Engineer, July 2017 - Present

Developed software powering remote Datto devices, web management portals, and Datto's private storage cloud. Participated in several small, high-velocity task forces that converted Datto's fleet of 75,000 devices to an image-based upgrade strategy and reimagined Datto's cloud.


Azure Machine Learning Development Intern, Summer 2016

Working as a member of a small development team under AzureML, optimized a polling-based communication system in AzureML's backend using notifications through Azure ServiceBus.


Cloud Development Intern, Summer/Fall 2015

Wrote and maintained code running on Datto's web portals, on-site devices, and storage nodes. Also worked on internal tooling for user account management.

Rochester Software Associates

C#/.NET Development Intern, Summer/Fall 2014

Fixed bugs and developed new features for RSA's .NET-based suite of printer ticket transformation programs.


Text Adventure

A text-based game engine written in Typescript. Runs in-browser and in your terminal!

Which Exchange

Guess which StackExchange site each question comes from! HackNJIT 2015 project.

Reddit Backgrounds

Scrape multiple subreddits for high resolution wallpapers. HackRPI 2015 project.


Reddit clone written from scratch in Ruby on Rails.

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